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The Walesby Group of Parishes.

The Walesby Group is now fortunate to be able to call upon the resources of four clergy licensed to their churches, supported by a wide team of lay and retired ministers.  In addition to her role as Vicar for the Market Rasen Group, Revd Claire Burnett is Priest in Charge for the parishes of Brookenby, Claxby, Croxby, Kirmond le Mire, Normanby le Wold, North Willingham, Stainton le Vale, Thoresway and Walesby.  Revd Bryan Dixon, Rector for the Middle Rasen Group, is Priest in Charge for the parish of Tealby and the Barkwith Group of parishes.
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The Walesby Group of Parishes - Diary Dates for February

Sunday 4th February: 6pm - Deanery Candlemas Service at St Thomas Market Rasen

Tuesday 6th February: 3pm - 1st Tuesday Reflective Service of Holy Communion
(in the Iona Tradition) at Claxby Village Hall

Tuesday 6th February: 7pm for 7:30pm - Deanery Synod Meeting at Middle Rasen Church Hall

Wednesday 14th February: 6pm - Group Holy Communion with Ashing, St Martin's Kirmond le Mire

Thursday 15th February: 1:30pm until 3pm - Lent Study 2024 (1st session), Walesby Village Hall

Thursday 22nd February: 1:30pm until 3pm - Lent Study 2024 (2nd session), Walesby Village Hall

Saturday 24th February: 10am until 1pm - 'Snow Drop-In' at St Martin's Kirmond le Mire

Thursday 29th February: 1:30pm until 3pm - Lent Study 2024 (3rd session), Walesby Village Hall

This Weeks Message is by Kathy Jago - 25th February 2024, Second Sunday of Lent

There are a wide range of theological opinions within the church, this article reflects the views of the author

'Are you tempted?'

As our Lent course session was drawing to a close this afternoon, we joined together to say the Lord’s prayer. This led to a discussion on the relative merits of the “old,” and “new,’ versions. The old was preferred by most, but the problems of over-familiarity and misinterpretation of phrases were identified.

During this season of Lent one line stood out for me: Lead us not into Temptation. Temptation has been a human failing since we came into existence; I’m not convinced the stay in the Garden of Eden was particularly long lived.

We know that Jesus, at the beginning of his human ministry, faced three types of temptation during his time in the wilderness. The first test, where he was offered bread, is an example of how we can be tempted to doubt God’s goodwill towards us, in the same way that the serpent placed doubts in Eve’s mind. But whereas Adam and Eve think they know better than God, Jesus is committed to trusting His father. In our instant gratification, consumerist society, it’s easy to put our human desires ahead of the issues we know we should be prioritising.

In his next trial, the devil tempts Jesus to test God, or manipulate him. Adam and Eve listened to the serpent, who told them what they wanted to hear, and to second guess God. They gambled on the idea he would not challenge their disobedience. Jesus refutes the option of instant glory, and is not tempted by the glory of a dramatic gesture. Similarly, we can be tempted to go for the showier, more dramatic gesture, rather than the quiet offer of comfort. We sometimes crave recognition for our actions rather than working for God’s glory.

Finally, Jesus is tempted to turn away from his Heavenly father and not to take the path for which he was destined. He gives the devil short shrift, quoting the Old Testament commandments. Adam and Eve saw a short cut to wisdom and took it. It’s a very human failing. Lifelong discipleship can be seen as a less attractive option than the instant win.

So let us pray “do not lead us from temptation.” May we be guided as we negotiate situations and life events which may take us off-track. God will not tempt us to sin (James 1:13). As one of the Lent group said “keep it simple. Keep God in your head and in your heart. That’s how we move to salvation.”

A Prayer for this Week

Lord, be in the decisions I must make today,
open my ears to your guidance
and steer my footsteps from temptation.


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