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The Walesby Group of Parishes.

The Walesby Group is now fortunate to be able to call upon the resources of four clergy licensed to their churches, supported by a wide team of lay and retired ministers.  In addition to her role as Vicar for the Market Rasen Group, Revd Claire Burnett is Priest in Charge for the parishes of Brookenby, Claxby, Croxby, Kirmond le Mire, Normanby le Wold, North Willingham, Stainton le Vale, Thoresway and Walesby.  Revd Bryan Dixon, Rector for the Middle Rasen Group, is Priest in Charge for the parish of Tealby and the Barkwith Group of parishes.
(For specific parish enquiries, please see the contact details on the website A Church Near You)

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Breaking the Silence

You may know Charles Blake, and may have attended his Confirmation at Normanby on 27th April.
Charles has written a piece about his faith journey and it is available to read on the Diocese of
Lincoln website via this link:
Breaking the Silence

Charles also wrote a beautiful poem which was set to music by David Beer. The words are printed
below, but to hear it sung by Karen Beer click here:

A year was a long time
A long time for a child
A lot of lonely nights
You stood by my side

A little lost, feeling scared
A time of thinking I’d never be heard
Always knowing love, no matter what
Always forgiven, a lot

Bad things do happen to everyone
Happiness can be embraced when it comes
Bad news takes away all the good in life
And it’s hard to see in cloudy skies

In one moment, everything changed
Calming thoughts all through my soul
A lot of new and wonderful change
When hopes were rearranged

A moment of trusting all your dreams were real
Some time to allow a lot of self-belief
Believe in miracles for they are very true
Most of my life became new

With this profession of my beliefs
Here I stand, being an adult that really sees
The many blessings I’m grateful for
And following Jesus is the way that heals
Because in His love people are free

In his love people are free.

The Walesby Group of Parishes - Diary Dates for June

Sunday 2nd June: 12:30pm - 'Celebration of Farming' at Low Grange Farm, West Barkwith, LN8 5LF

Tuesday 4th June: 6pm - 1st Tuesday Reflective Service of Holy Communion
(in the Iona Tradition) at Claxby Village Hall

Wednesday 5th June: 10am to 2pm - Sewing Angels at Brookenby church

Saturday 8th June: 1pm - Baptism of Tobias Oliver Alexander Turner at Normanby

Sunday 9th June: 3pm - Annual Griff Wood service (in field next to Viking Centre) Claxby

Tuesday 11th June: 10am to 2:30pm - Chapter Meeting at Middle Rasen Hall

Wednesday 12th June: 1:30pm - Claxby PCC meeting at the Viking Centre

Thursday 13th June: 2pm - Walesby PCC meeting at the church

Saturday 15th June: 2pm - Musical Medley at Kirmond church

Wednesday 19th June: 10am to 2pm - Sewing Angels at Brookenby church

Wednesday 19th June: 7pm - Ministry Team Meeting at Revd Elaine's

Thursday 20th June: 7 for 7:30pm - Deanery Synod Meeting at Middle Rasen Church Hall

Saturday 22nd June: 1pm - Wedding of Vicky Brant and Nicholas Smith at Normanby

Monday 24th June: 2pm - Companions of the Wolds Meeting at Claxby Village Hall
(Talk by Karen Booth of 'Lavender & Lovage', with tea)

Saturday 29th June: 5pm - The Lyndhurst Singers at the 'Old Church' Walesby

Sunday 30th June: 10am - Walesby Group Service of Holy Communion at Walesby

Our 'Thought For The Season' is from Paul Fuller - 9th June 2024, Second Sunday After Trinity

There are a wide range of theological opinions within the church, this article reflects the views of the author

'Happy Birthday!'

Happy Birthday, Christian Church, with the Divine hope of Many Joyful Returns. Flames of fire instead of candles, but never mind! It was a difficult pregnancy. The Embryo was killed off by the evil distorted forces of society but survived and lived again through the spiritual power of love, of grace. That spiritual DNA spread through his followers by the labour of learning that flesh and spirit could be one and then, on the fiftieth day, delivered the new-born Church.

The new-born followers, overwhelmed by the experience, did not fully realise the exponential power of this new understanding. The spiritual had become Spiritual with a capital S. Holy Spiritual. The Divine in them. They healed a few bodies, but gradually, with the help of St Paul, realized it was the body-politic they needed to heal, the whole global society starting with the eastern Mediterranean.

The idea of spirituality had always been around from the earliest days. In rocks and trees, in the sun, in storms and stars, in holy men and women. The religions of the world had emphasized such spirituality. But the Divine knew that it was time to upgrade it, to ready humans for a new intensity, a new quality of spirituality. It came through Jesus who knew it was a love taken to extremes that included suffering, even suffering on the cross.

Such love was at the heart of this new quality of Spirituality. The disciples realised that this new Spirituality, to be transforming, needed to be collective, to include everyone. Love, sometimes confused with sex or schmaltz, meant respect, care, recognition of value, perceiving the essence of the human. At this intensity, it included the marginalized, the alien, the immigrant, even the enemy. Loving Spirituality was the only kind that could destroy the greed, the envy, the hatred, the selfishness, the hubris still included in the animal traits of evolved humanity.

In our western culture, spirituality is often considered superstition, ignored or denied by modern thinking (though we should remember other religions across the world still insist on it). But for us Christians spirituality is Spirituality, loving and personal, the Holy Spirit. And it is not particularly confined to ‘religion’ but can be applied to politics, economics, ecology and sexuality – the whole of human life.

Pentecost 2024 is giving us the task of accentuating the Spiritual, of applying our faith to the modern world. It’s in a precarious state, democracy staggering, genocides accumulating, populations starving, the planet scorching. Come Holy Spirit, transform us.

A Prayer for this Week

Loving Father,
we thank you for feeding us at the supper of your Son:
sustain us with your Spirit,
that we may serve you here on earth
until our joy is complete in heaven,
and we share in the eternal banquet
with Jesus Christ our Lord.


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