Study Groups

During this 2019, two bible study courses have run for those eager to stretch their biblical understanding.

The Book of Daniel

First, we studied the ‘Book of Daniel’ over 6 consecutive Friday mornings at the Rectory. Daniel is a story of hope and trust in God, even in the most difficult and adverse situations. We related the ancient message to the world we live in today …. surprisingly over 2500 year’s basic human instinct has not changed. The drivers of the ancient world are still those forces that power us today! We end with a soup and roll lunch. We also felt a growing and trusting fellowship was developing from people from across of benefice.

Letter to the Hebrews

I am currently leading a second course, exploring the history and theology of the ‘Letter to the Hebrews’. This is another amazing text written to support the very early Jewish Christians. These people struggled with their new beliefs in a world trying to undermine them whichever way they turned. This time the course is being run on a Monday evening at Brookenby, allowing those that work to attend. This group is now 10 strong and it is rewarding to see the enthusiasm develop over discussion of what is a difficult and, in some ways, challenging text with many complex ideas.

Grow in discipleship

To grow in discipleship, studying to understand scripture and our churches traditions is a must. It is only when we are confident disciples in our own right, and by that I mean sure in our faith and beliefs, then we are able to articulate to others our understanding with confidence.

A Lent course for 2020

Next year, I will be running a Lent course, if you have suggestions for a theme or a particular text please let me know and I will see if it could work as a course. The dates for your diary will be Friday 28th February 2020 until Friday 3rd April 2020 10.30am to midday.

Monday afternoon study group at Brookenby

Leslie Giller runs a fortnightly Monday afternoon study group at Brookenby. This group meets at 2pm and works through bible texts of the groups’ choice. Please contact Leslie if you wish to know more about this group.

Study is great fun, but it is also an amazing opportunity for like-minded Christians to meet and develop a trusting fellowship across parish boundaries. Please join in.